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Wednesday, August 1st 2012
Special Guest Dub Snakkr from Stronghold Sound Records
Artist Musical Selection Album Label/Country
Opening Remarks: unknown Sexual Magnetism
Messer Chups The World We Have Not Known Bride of the Atom Solnze Russia
Spandeks Whoo Baby My Summer Love Daiki Sound Japan
Liaisons Dangereuses Los Niņos Del Parque Los Niņos Del Parque Roadrunner Records 1981 Netherlands
Bijelo Dugme Izgledala Je Malo Cudno U Kaputu Zutom Krojenom Bez Veze Eto! Bas Hocu! Jugoton 1976 Yugoslavia
Yui Yatyoe unknown unknown unknown Thailand
The Motion Trio Cafe Paris Pictures From the Street Asphalt Tango Poland
Chalachew Ashenafi Munit Ililta - New Ethiopian Dance Music Terp 2011 Ethiopia
Puncs Hova Megy a Vonat? 1.2.3...Start Start 1985 Hungary
Impact Governo 82 - 85 Provinciattiva 1995 Italy
Ramphai Bunsiritham Rak Hai Ngo Anuson Khru Phleng Suntaraphon Thailand
Juaneco Y Su Combo El Brujo Masters of Chicha 1 Barbes Peru
Pharaoh Overlord Transatlantic #1 Ektro 2001 Finland
Buraka Som Sistema Peaches Scion Sessions 2012 Portugal
DJ Capiro & Francis Boy Feat. Sana Itocota Angola
Sister Lessa Rap Guinee Daghee
Tacit Blessing unknown Teen Dance Music From China and Malaysia Thrift Store
Bom Sone What a Life Sembeh Ma Fe Fe Stronghold Sound 2012
Matoto Family Sembeh Ma Sembeh Ma Fa Fe Stronghold Sound 2012
Sayyed Darwish + El Rass Yadeeb



This color means that it's bed music (background)