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Wednesday, June 20th 2012
Come i ragazzi di intercontinental
Artist Musical Selection Album Label/Country
opening remarks: unknown Sexual Magnetism Sexual Magnetism Mind Power
Messer Chups The World We Have Not Known Bride of the Atom Solnze Russia
Alexander Marcus Papaya Papaya Kontor Records 2008 Germany
Masami Tsuchiya Se! Se! Se! Rice Music Epic/Sony 1982 Japan
Messieurs Richard De Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta Le Drogue Le Temps Fou soundtrack Barclay 1968 France
The Bugs Theme From Do Raha Pakistan (Folk and Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976) Sublime Frequencies Pakistan
Dos-Mukasan Wedding Krugozor magazine Melodiya 1977 Russia
The Motion Trio Cafe Paris Pictures From The Street Cafe Paris Poland
Umit Tokcan ▄ryan Geldim Sahinler Plak 1974 Turkey
Rahul Dev Burman/Asha Bhosle Tum Bhi Meri Jaan Salaam Memsaab soundtrack EMI/The Gramaphone Company of India 1979 India
Moussa Doumbia Femme D'aujourd'hui SociÚtÚ Ivoirienne du Disque 1978 Ivory Coast
Pharaoh Overlord Transatlantic #1 Ektro Finland
Admiral T Ti Milo 2011 Aztec Musique 2011 Guadeloupe
Human Flesh First Aid (38th Human Attempt) SNX - The Entomology of Tomorrows Popular Music Hawaii 1981 Belgium
Sami al-Shawwa, Ali Rashidi, Muhammad al-Qasabji Bachraf Hedjaz Hamayon, Pt. 2 78 Columbia 1926 Egypt
Pekele Decale Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2 Sahel Sounds Nigeria
Tacit Blessing unknown Teen Dance Music From China & Malaysia Thrift Store
Acid A State Ein Met Burma
Gang Do Eletro Quadrilha Da Pele Brazil
Geisterfahrer Geisterfahrer Geisterfahrer Zickzack 1980 Germany
Taxi Girl Les Yeux Des Amants Sonopresse 1980 France
Henryk Fabian I'll Write From A Far Away Place Lovers Are Lonely Pronit 1968 Poland
Los Mirlos Sonido Amazonico The Roots of Chicha Barbes Peru
ZÚ Neguinho Do C˘co Recife D'┴gua Mauritsstadt disc 1 - Versao roots Tratore Music Brasil 2005 Brazil
unknown Priere Au Prophete Le Chant Des Enfants Du Monde (Vol 9), Maroc Arion 2010 Morocco
Zafer Dilek ăišek Dagi Yonca Plakšilik 1973 Turkey
I Pelati Come i ragazzi di via Paal Belter 1966 Italy
Les Chats Sauvage En Avant L'Amour Ma p'tite amie est vache PathÚ 1961 France
Ali Akbar Khan Slow Gat in Tintal 16 Beats (Jor), Fast Gat In Tintal 16 Beats (Jhala) North Indian Master of the Sarod World-Pacific 1964 North India
unknown unknown 78 King Japan



This color means that it's bed music (background)