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Wednesday, February 22nd 2012
fake Kraftwerks, no lines
Artist Musical Selection Album Label/Country
Opening Remarks: Indra Devi Breathing Exercises Yoga For Americans Mace
Messer Chups The World We Have Not Known Bride of the Atom Solnze Russia
Einzelgänger Einzelgänger Einzelgänger Oasis 1975 Germany
Ratata Liv Utan Spänning single Stranded 1982 Sweden
Molto Stuhl Lieber Gott Leben Und Sammeln GeeBeeDee 1982 Germany
unknown Spectacle No. 9 - Eskimo IVG Vol.1 - Futur Antérieur, France 75/85 Poutre Apparente France
The Motion Trio Cafe Paris Pictures From the Street Asphalt Tango Poland
Kraftwerk Die Roboter Die Mensch Maschine Kling Klang 1978 Germany
unknown VICTOR_53276-A-Trad 78 Victor Japan
unknown Kencana Mung Katon Wingka Street Musicians of Yogyakarta Mississippi Records 2011 Indonesia
Moussa Doumbia Keleya SID 1970's Côte d'Ivoire
Pharaoh Overlord Transatlantic #1 Ektro 2001 Finland
Makongo Fuck With Us (Feat. Lancelot) Angolan Kung Fu Karmicsounds 2009 Portugal
Bo Marley Bauhelm Dub Bo Marley vs. Disrupt Jahtari 2006 Germany
The Shine Do Gueda 2011 Portugal
Tacit Blessing unknown Teen Dance Music From China & Malaysia Thrift Store Records
Mehrpouya Soul Raga single Ahang Rooz Iran
The Golden Ring unknown AJ 4478 single Royal Iran
Polanie We Know Each Other Long Psychedelic Super Piotr Past & Present Poland
Nino Ferrer Mirza Barclay 1965 France
Os Jovens Coração de Pedra Os Jovens CBS 1967 Brazil
Los Mirlos Sonido Amazonico The Roots of Chicha Barbes Peru
unknown (Ichimaru?) Kinokuni 78 Columbia Japan
unknown Kapranon Muranao Kakolintang: Philippine Gong Music Lyrichord Philippines
The Boys of Chief Mwasi's Village Nyanja/Chewa The Music of Africa Series - Musical Instruments 4. Flutes & Horns Kaleidophone 1972 Malawi
Thành Mái Tóc Mai Soi Van Soi Dài (Long, Uneven Hair) Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974 Sublime Frequencies Vietnam
Tiare Ngapata Groupe Utere Utere Drums of Bora Bora Gnp/Crescendo 1993 Tahiti
Koumei Sone Futengurashi Killing Melody: Instrumental Music From Japanese Pinky Violence Movies Ethbo Japan
Debo Band Asha Gedawo Debo Band Sub Pop 2012 Boston/Ethiopian
Tirudel Zenebe Gue New Ethiopian Dance Music Terp 2011 Ethiopia
Memento Mori Il Cuore Dell'Impero single Agipunk/Zas records 2004 Italy
Wretched Muori Per La Patria Muori Per Niente the furious years of italian hardcore-punk in 7 inches Italy
As Mercenarias Labrintos Beginning Of The End Of The World Soul Jazz Brazil



This color means that it's bed music (background)