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Czolgosz Banana Split split 7" 9/6/2012
Tuesday, January 24th 2012
Late Risers Club
Artist Musical Selection Album Label/Country
Spazz Dwarf Goober Militia Crush Kill Destroy 625 Thrash
The Shirks No Way St. ep Windian
Bristle I'm Drunk single Havoc
Ardillas Todo es Egal Ardillas Chacho 2010
Estado Del Paz Mother and Child split 7" 4 Recordings
Nine Curve Shoot Sign Crossover Thrash Insanity 625 Thrash
Charm unknown ep 625 Thrash
Expose Complicated Mind Expose Expose Records 1997
Crushed Butler My Sons Alive Its My Life ep Windian 2010
Jungle Fever Crying Blood ep Windian 2010
Naz-66 We Won't Die, We'll Croak Powre without violence/Death Tomorrow 625 Thrash 2010
Stretchheads .
Deep Sleep Play Another Turn Me Off Grave Mistake 2011
Terrorists 30 Minute Love Shoot it Up no label 2011
Disfear Live The Storm Live The Storm Relapse 2008
Akimbo Rogue Jersey Shores Neurot 2008
Akimbo Great White Bull Jersey Shores Neurot 2008
The Needy Visions Kinda But Not Really Boston Hassle Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts 2011
Raooul Mike TV Fresh And Nubile Lookout! Records 1993
Superdestroyers You're Being Erased Slave to the Urge ep Windian 2010
.fuckingcom Hesitation .fuckingcom Prank 1993
Moscow Moscow Moscow Hammer, Sickles, and Girls Hammer, Sickles, and Girls Eradicator
Title Tracks Turn Your Face Windian Records Comp Windian 2011
And I Can't Wait You Said the Wrong Thing, Asshole Hardcore Justice Agitprop
Balance of Terror Battle of Everyday single Partners in Crime
Rainbow Snake Charmer Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Polydor 1975
The Screaming Tribesmen High Time Date with a Vampyre
Attitude Adjustment Actions Speak Louder Than Words No Way Back Taang 2011
Victims Victims In Blood Neverendinglasting Farewell 2010
Black Breath Razor to Oblivion Razor to Oblivion Hot Mass 2008
His Hero Is Gone Eternally Bleeding ep Prank
Aus Rotten No Change, No Future, We're Lost anti-imperialist ep Aus Rotten 1993
Meadowlark unknown ep High Water 1998
Infanticide Clones Sonic Punishment ep 625 Thrash
Brother Inferior Promise Keepers split 7" Profane Existence
Grabbies Tonight Bank ep Proud to be Idiot
Grabbies Comrade Child Bank ep Proud to be Idiot
Os Haxixins Noites Brancas ep 13 O'Clock 2011



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