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Tuesday, September 20th 2011
Late Risers Club fill in
Artist Musical Selection Album Label/Country
Windopen La Testa
Helmet Give It Meantime Interscope 1992
Black Clouds 5 Years Behind My Time Ride the Snake 2011
Davila 666 Hanging on the Telephone Under The Covers Vol. 2 Volar
Mick Barr Arkh Coiled Malescence Safety Meeting 2011
Penkinska Patka Bolje Da Nosim Kratku Kosu Yugoton 1980
Roller Ball Savage Eyes Sing Sing
Uncontrollable Urgh Lipstick Money Uncontrol-Label 2011
Ice Age Instant Justice Instant Demo 1989
Pharaoh Overlord Transatlantic #1 Ektro 2001
The Radiators From Space Second Avenue Trouble Pilgrim Shite n' Onions
Turbo Negro All My Friends Are Dead Burning Heart Core 2005
The Blitzz Go Now single Sing Sing 2011
Idoli Kenozoik Odbrana I Posledji Dani Yugoton
The Jetz Moderns for a Day U.S. 80's Mod Revival Volume 1. California Idealistic Youth 1983
Pharaoh Overlord Transatlantic #1 Ektro 2001
Death Evocation Weight Quality Control HQ 2011
I Adapt ...still don't get it Sparks Turn To Flames Reality Records 2003
Shroud Eater We Are Beasts 3-song EP Accessory Takes 2010
Vastum Carnal Law Carnal Law Contagion 2011
Cola Freaks Sniper Cola Freaks Douchemaster 2010
Finch Nothing In the Sun A Deadly Dose of Wild Psych Arf Arf
Sos Znam kako je PGP-RTB 1975
Möterhead Devil In My Head The Wörld is Yours XXXV 2010
Man is The Bastard Snake Apartment split 7" with Crossed Out
Pharaoh Overlord Mangrove #1 Ektro 2001
The Manhandlers 2 Tight 2 Fight The Manhandlers Criminal Records 2011
Shearing Pinx Selfish Acts Weaponry Divorce 2008
Gone Bad Midnight Love Gone Bad ep Dead Air Studio 2011
Gone Bad Let the Poison Out Gone Bad ep Dead Air Studio 2011
ReVilers Retribution Always Making Friends Contra/Common People 2010



This color means that it's bed music (background)