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No Comment Dead Stare For Life Downsided ep Slap a Ham 1992
Wednesday, October 22nd 2010
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Artist Musical Selection Album Label/Country
Sugar Pie Koko Shoplifter Sugar Pie Koko Sounds of Betrayal 2001
White Lung Atlanta It's the Evil Deranged 2010
Gordon Ivy & The Jaybirds Breaking Through A Midnight Rave With Choking Hazard 2007 Japan
Reality Crisis No Fate Reality Crisis/G.I.P.D. HG Fact
Wheels on Fire Black Wave Cherry Bomb single Kind turkey 2010
I Jaguars Non Sei Sincera 60's Beat Italiano Get Hip
Dorothy Ashby Soul Vibrations Afro-Harping Cadet
Greed Do You Care? Greed - We Don't Need Your Big Business ep State Grinder 1999
Flyblown Destroy The State In Chaos We Trust Verce
Underdog True Blue Matchless Bridge Nine
Wheels on Fire Haunted Houses Liar Liar Alien Snatch Records 2010
Carnivores Randy Radford If I'm Ancient Double Phantom 2010
No Value Just Alive Peaceful Violence Under the Surface 2009
The Kidnappers Nothing's Gonna Change Will Protect You Alien Snatch Records 2010
Zangoleah Uncle Chainmaker Persian Underground Persianna
Star Fucking Hipsters Church and Rape Never Rest In Peace Alternative Tentacles 2009
Frieder Butzmann Ballo Ballo Vertrauensmann Des Volkes Zensor 1981
Chaos Engine unknown (in Japanese Chaos Reigns, A "Ray" Of Hope Remains DIY 2007
Mad Maniax unknown (in Japanese) Break Out, Black Out Crew For Life 2009
Cheap Time I'd Rather Be Alone Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) In The Red 2010
Gilbert Delflez L'Agonie Instrumental Je Suis Vivant, Mais J'Ai Peur Finders Keepers
The Ugly Beats Bee Line Motor! Get Hip 2010
Brandon Tussey Cause You Don't Know Me 50 Stardumb 2010
CTR Road Kill Escape From Orbit HG Fact 2009
White Mice The White Mice Assphixxxeateshun Load
Valkyrie Dawntide's Breeze Man of Two Visions Meteor City 2010
Bill Shatnerrr Brick with t'hook in'tit You Put the Round Burger On the Square Wonderbread
Bleak House Isandhlwana Suspended Animation Buried In Time And Dust Records 1982/2009
Subhumans I Gotta Move Same Thoughts Different Day Alternative Tentacles 2010
Virginia Black Lung Sex Slave Or Today Your Love Tomorrow The World Demo Virginia Black Lung
Rayrai Na Koratch Kard Klan Nam Mun Thai Funk Zudrangma volume 2 Zudrangma
Grinderman Evil Grinderman 2 Anti 2010
Dorothy Ashby Soul Vibrations Afro-Harping Cadet
Chaotix Stand Up With Courage Chaotix/Marubullmen - Split
Draize Shoot to Kill Draize Draize Records
Acrostix Killing Frost Truth Turned Gray With Justice Black Water 2007
Hulk-Out The Lead Singers of Your Favorite Bands Are Probably Assholes Third Death/All Those Opposed/Hulk-Out 3-Way LP Tor Johnson
Mind of Asain unknown (in Japanese) Chinmoku No Kiri No Naka Sound Pollution 2006
Trust Tu Traicion Hardcore Girls Emarcypunx 2006
Attack SS Brainless System No Boss ep Detonate 2009
Marubullmen Chin Stock Chaotix/Marubullmen - Split
Despise You Passive Position West Side Horizons Pessimiser Records 1999
Disclose Battlefield Of Hell In Chaos We Trust Verse Records
Silüetler Sis single Altin Mikrofon 1965



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