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Wednesday, March 11th 2009
How do you say Molam in German
Artist Musical Selection Album
Opening remarks from Eric Weber The Museum Pickup
Theme: Messer Chups The World We Never Knew Bride of the Atom (Solzne)
Sizike (Yugoslavia) Ponavljacka Pesma U Zemlji Čuda (1984 PGP RTB)
Mario Telles (Brasil) So Por Nao Saber Mario Telles (1964 CBS/2009 Revola)
Wau y los Arrghs! (Spain) Tu Puedes Quemar Canten en Espanol (2009 Voodoo Rhythm records)
Beirut (US) La Llorna March of the Zapotec (2009 Pompeii)
Fanfare Savale (Romania) Suita a Lu Nelu Speed Brass of the Gypsies (Subrosa)
Motion Trio (Poland) Cafe Paris Pictures from the Streets (2005 Asphalt Tango)
Soli (Iran) Der Amdi Zakhone single (AS)
Asselefetch Ashine & Getenesh Kebrett & Army Band (Ethihopia) Amlak Abet Abet Ethiopiques 13 - Ethiopian Groove (Buda Musique)
Mamelo Sound System (Brasil) Liri Sista Made in Brasil (2006 Worldsound)
The Congos (Jamaica) Fisherman (1976, produced Lee Scratch Perry) Heart of the Congos (1996 Blood & Fire)
Pharaoh Overlord (Finland) Love Unflitered #2 (2003 No Quarter)
Arif Sag (Turkey) Osman Pehlivan (1972) Obsession (Bully Records)
Los Samplers/Uwe Schmidt (Chile/Germany) Wiken (DSP Chacha) Descargas (2002 Rather Interesting)
Dick El Demasiado/Dick Verdult (Argentina/Holland) Sabado Cultural Sin Puedes Nada (2007 Tomenata)
Tacit Blessing (China) indecipherable Teen Dance Music From China and Malaysia (2002 Thrift Store)
Kourosh (Iran) Akhm Nakon single (Ahangrooz)
Ly Ngua O (Vietnam) Vo Chong Lam Ho! Roady Music from Vietnam (Trikont)
Banda Espectacular Pagador de Oruro (Bolivia) cumbia Amigo Bronco Frozen Brass 2 - Africa and Latin America (1993 PAN)
unknown (Thailand) Street Guns and Studio Drums Radio Phnom Penh (Sublime Frequencies)
Los Mirlos (Peru) Sonida Amazonica The Roots of Chicha (2007 Barbes)
Edip Akbayram (Turkey) Yakar Inceden Inceden Edip Akbayram (Shadoks)
Alacie Tullaugaq and Lucy Amarualik (Canada) Nirliujaq Katutjatut Throat Singing (1998 Inukshuk Records)
De Sjenerte (Norway) Lordagen (1979) Gutta Fra 80-Ara (2009 Kraesj)
Grauzone (Germany) Kaelte Kriecht/Kunstgewerbe Grauzone (1981 EMI)
Europa Kiado (Hungary) Europa Kiado Love 82 (1982 Hungaraton)
Kraftwerk (Germany) The Model The Man Machine (1978 EMI)
Kalyanji Anandji (India) Title Music Don Soundtrack (1978)
Gamelan of the Court of Jogjakarta (Indonesia) Kinanti Madumadumurti True Vine 78 Series volume 2 - 1920s-40s recordings from Indochina and Indonesia (True Vine)
unknown (Japan) unknown Red Label Colombia 78 (A93-1205998)



This color means that it's bed music (background)