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Wednesday, January 14th 2009
post-war Japanese, Greek rock and a tired dj plays loud music
Artist Musical Selection Album
Opening remarks from Gertrude Stein, read by Marian Seldes from the Making of American
Theme: Messer Chups The World We Never Knew Bride of the Atom (Solzne)
Arif Sag (Turkey) Osman Pehlivan cover of Osman Pehlivan's tune called Anadolu Kasik Havasi, read about it and hear the original here Obsession (2008 Bully)
Victor Olaiya & His International All Start (Yoruba/Nigeria) Mother popcorn Jump Back - A Tribute to James Brown (2008 Le Smoke Disque)
The Mops (Japan) Yo Sa Bi Da Slitherama (Planet X)
Banleng Ponglang (Thailand) Onson Sao Mae Hang Kieow Sao Long Kno Wong (monrakplengthai)
Motion Trio (Poland) Cafe Paris Pictures from the Streets (2005 Asphalt Tango)
Yuzo Kayama (Japan) unknown track 2 unknown album (Toshiba)
Chiemi Eri & The Tokyo Cuban Boys (Japan) Sano-sa Japanese Folk Songs (King)
Alma Shimabukuruo (Japan/Hawaii) Musume Sendo-san Club Nesei Encore (2001 CORD)
Can (Germany) I'm So Green Ege Bamyasi (1972 United Artists
Toni Iordache (Romania) Cantec De Ascultare Si Braeza Toni Iordache 1 (Electrecord)
Romica Puceanu with Orchestre Florea Cioaca (Romania) Ileana, Ileana single from Robert Garfias collection(Electrecord)
Deux Filles (France) She Slides Silence & Wisdom (1983 Humbug)
Cem Karaca ve Apaslar (Turkey) Hücum single (1967 Sayan)
The New Hopes (Greece) Blonde Girl Greek Beat Greats (Gyro)
The Four Levels of Existence (Greece) Solitude The Four Levels of Existence (1976 Venus)
Tacit Blessing (China) indecipherable Teen Dance Music From China and Malaysia (2002 Thrift Store)
Laximikant Pyaralel/Lata Mangeshkar (India) Ae Phansa Bobby soundtrack (1973)
Ulrike Am Nagel (Germany) Work till your Death Sicher Gibt Es Bessere Zeiten Vol.1 (1992 Nasty Viny)
Inge Val (Sweden) Gatans Parlament single (1979)
Mind of Asian (Japan) Nenonai Yoruo The Girls Can Dish it Out Too (Emarcypunk)
Boban Petrovic (Yugoslavia) Djuskaj Zur (1981 RTV Ljubljana)
The Starlights, produced by Jean-Pierre Massiera (France) Mao Mao Jean-Pierre Massiera Psychoses Discoïd 1976-81 (2008 Mucho Gusto)
Los Mirlos (Peru) Sonida Amazonica The Roots of Chicha (2007 Barbes)
Denis and Denis (Yugoslavia) Gluhi telefoni Ja Sam Lazljiva (1985 Jugoton)
Shankar Jaikishan/Mohammed Rafi (India) Tin Kanshtar Peet Peet Kar sountrack to Love Marriage (1959 HMV)
Problem (Sweden) Va har Jag Gjort single (1978 Larm)
The Monks (Americans/US) Oh, How to do now Black Monk Style (1966 Polydor)
Orchestre Ecos (Colombia) Rebeca La Sabrosa (Discos Fuentes)
Kalyanji Anandji (India) Title Music Don Soundtrack (1978)
cheb Zergui (Algeria) Ana Dellali 1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground (2008 Sublime Frequencies)
A. Romzi dan the Hooks (Malaysia) Dendang Remaja single (1967 Parlophone)



This color means that it's bed music (background)