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Wednesday, Septembet 17th 2008
The TP tease, some Japanese garage hidden Greeks and a Richard Berry cover
Artist Musical Selection Album
Opening remarks from unknown Sexual-Magnetism side 2, An Educational Course of Instruction red 78 Psychology Record Company
Theme: Messer Chups The World We Never Knew Bride of the Atom (Solzne)
Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band (Ghana) Bukom Mashie Ghana Soundz (2002 Soundway)
Ofo and the Black Company (Nigeria) Allah Wakbarr (live in East Berlin) 1973 (Eterna VEB Deutsche Schallplatten)
T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo (Benin) Hwe Towe Hun T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - Kings of Benin Urban Groove 1972-80 (2004 Soundway)
Motion Trio (Poland) Cafe Paris Pictures from the Streets (2005 Asphalt Tango)
The Actor (Germany) Deutsches Mädchen A Tribute to Flexi Pop 2 (Flexi Pop)
El Guincho (Spain) Fata Morgana Alegranza (2008 XL)
Morocco (Armenia) Ela Tho Waking up Scheherazade (Grey Past)
Siluetler (Turkey) Kasis Havasi Altin Mikrofon (1965 Turk Mali)
Hossam Ramzy (Egypt) Amar El Sahara Tabla Solo 2 (2003 ARC)
George Chakoian's New England Ararat Orchestra (US) Near East Medley Next Stop...Near East (Stereo ARA)
Soske Harry's & The King Creoles (Holland) Louie Louie Biet Het is Prop (Distortion)
Europa Kiado (Hungary) Turista Love 82 (1982 Hungaraton)
Dyaks (Borneo) Dyak Gambus Duet The Music of Primitive Man (1973 American Heritage)
Tacit Blessing (China) indecipherable Teen Dance Music From China and Malaysia (2002 Thrift Store)
The Spiders (Japan) Nati Bati Y Monster a Go Go (Planet X)
Ros Sereysothea (Camodia) Have You Seen My Love Cambodian Rocks 4 (Khmer Rocks)
The Saints (China) indescipherable indescipherable 7" (Eagle Records)
The Mops (Japan) Atsuku Narenai GS Cult Box 5 - Psych and On-Stage (999 CDSOL)
The Freebeats (New Guinea) Kekeni Ani Mase The New Guinea Sound (Viking)
Marika Kanarapoulou, Tourkalista (Greece) A Mangas at the Deke (A dude at the Hash Bar) Mourmourika - Soungs of the Greek Underworld 1930-55 (1999 Rounder)
Los Mirlos (Peru) Sonida Amazonica The Roots of Chicha (2007 Barbes)
Nikos & Hristos Theodoropoulos with Dionysios & Mitsos Theodoropoulos (Greece) Tsiftetelli - Belly Dance Melody (recorded 1975) Gipsy Music of Macedonia & Neighboring Countries (1996 Topic)
Bambu Melulu Arcis (Minahasa/Indonesia) Oh Hapiko Frozen Brass Asia (PAN)
Los Cumbiamberos (Colombia) Festival Guarare Cumbia con Los Cumbiamberos (Tropico)
Banda Espectacular Pagador de Oruro (Bolivia) Cumbia Amigo Bronco Frozen Brass Africa & Latin America (1993 PAN)
Cahit Oben (Turkey) Halime Altin Mikrofon 1965 (Dogan reissue)
Moudou Ould Mattalla (Mauritania) Improvisation in the Lebyad Mode Music From The World: Mauritania - Guitar Of The Sands (2006 Buda)
Sun City Girls (US) Esoterica Abyssynia Borungku Si Derita (1993 Majora)
Kalyanji Anandji (India) Title Music Don Soundtrack (1978)
Lord Beginner (Trinidad/UK) Jamaica Hurricane London is the Place for Me (2002 Honest Jons)



This color means that it's bed music (background)