Thursday, October 26th 2006
Artist Musical Selection Album
Theme: Messer Chups  The World we Never Knew Bride of the Atom (Solzne)
Los Sleepers (Mexico) Zombi (1961) Mas Rock and Roll (2006 Electro Harmonix)
Andres Pajares (Spain) Dracula Ye Ye (1968) Youtube link Ye-Ye a Go-Go Vol. 1
Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde movie trailer    
Messer Chups (Russia) Orgia of Dead Vamp Babes Upgrade (2004 Solnze)
Noel Deschamps (France) I'm Your Witchdoctor Pebbles 12 (1999 Archive Int'l)
Batman (Canada) Un Mauvais Forceur 60's Groupes Quebecois vol. 1
The Vampires of Dartmoor (Germany) Crime and Torture Dracula's Musical Cabinet (1969 Metronome)
The Return of Count Yorga movie trailer    
Screaming Lord Sutch (England) Murder in the Graveyard Murder in the Graveyard (2003 Fury)
Messer Chups (Russia) Lo-Fi Woman Black Black Magic (2002 Solnze)
Los Holys (Peru) Campo de Vampiros Mas Rock and Roll (2006 Electro Harmonix)
Cristal y Acero (Mexico) Posesion Dracula, Rock Opera Gotica De Terror (2000)
Derrick Harriott (Jamaica) The Undertaker The Undertaker (1970 Trojan)
The Lion (Trinidad) Ho Syne No Day Supernatural Calypso from Trinidad 1934-1940 (2001 Rounder)
Graveyard Tramps movie trailer    
Evariste (France) Connais-tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul intégral? Pebbles 12 (1999 Archive Int'l)
Krzysztof Penderecki (Poland) Irmologion Utrenja, The Entombment of Christ (1971 RCA)
Delia Derbyshire (England) Pot au Feu (1968) BBC Radiophonic Music (2003 BBC Records)
Derrick Harriott (Jamaica) The Good, Bad and the Ugly The Undertaker (1970 Trojan)
The Haunted (Canada) Horror Show The Haunted (1967) (1995 Voxx)
The Fallouts (Holland) De Vlieg (The Fly) Biet Het vol. 1 (1998 Distortion)
Squirm movie trailer    
Blacula movie trailer    
Don (Thailand) Soul Dracula Thai Beat a go-go vol. 3 (2005 Subliminal Sounds)
Los Shains (Peru) El Monstrou (Nova's original) Ye-Ye a Go-Go Vol. 1
Screaming Lord Sutch She's Fallen in Love With a Monster (1964) THE SCREAMING LORD SUTCH STORY (1991 Skull n’Bones)
KinuyoYamashita (Japan) Stalker Konami Music vol. 1 (2000 Scitron)
The Spiders (Japan) Twilight Zone (Ventures original) GS Cult Box disc 6 (1999 CDSol)
Spazm (Japan) Dancing Devil Zorch Monsters from Far East (Raucous)
Los Monstruos (Mexico) Hey Monstruo Mas Rock and Roll (2006 Electro Harmonix)



This color means that it's bed music (background)