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Wednesday, October 17th 2007
Burkina Electric Korean psych guitar and other things
Artist Musical Selection Album
Theme: Messer Chups The World We Never Knew Bride of the Atom (Solzne)
Ben Baruch (Belgium) Zohreynu Lehayim Ben Baruch- The Complete Recordings 1949-1950 (originally issues Saturn records, 2007 Subrosa)
Roberto Rodriguez (Cuba) Danzonete Hebreo El Danzon de Moises (2002 Tzadik)
Tanzorchest Michael Jary (Germany) Hallo Fraulein Swing Tanzen Verboten!: Swing Music and Nazi Propaganda (2003 Proper)
Gert Wilden (Germany) Rolf Toring I Told You Not to Cry (1997 Efa)
Motion Trio (Poland) Cafe Paris Pictures from the Streets (2005 Asphalt Tango)
Shin Jung Hyun (Korea) indecipherable > Self Titled (It’s a Lie) (World Psychedelia reissue)
Burkina Electric (Burkina Faso/U.S./Germany) Sankar Yaare Rêem Tekré (2007 Atatak)
interview with Lukas Ligeti, from Burkina Electric
Burkina Electric (Burkina Faso/U.S./Germany) To Mi To Zi Rêem Tekré (2007 Atatak)
Mapaputsi (South Africa) Izinja Tales of Totsi Beat (2006 Sheer Sound)
Shantel (Germany/Balkans) The Veil Disko Partizani (2007 Crammed Discs)
Mustafa Ozkent (Turkey) Burcak Tarlalari Genclik Ile Elele (2006 Finders Keepers)
Taraf de Haiduks (Romania) Asturias (Albinez) Maskarada (2007 Crammed Discs)
Laxmikant Pyarelal (India) Ek Haseena Thi Karz (1980 EMI)
unknown (India) Radio Bihar Radio India- The Eternal Dream of Sound (Sublime Frequencies)
Visible (France) Essor Assure 7” (1981 Hawaii)
Pyrolator (Germany) Elephantendisco Ausland (1981 Atatak)



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