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Wednesday, October 3rd 2007
fill in for Green/In the Margin
Artist Musical Selection Album
Sparks Donít Turn Your Back On Mother Earth Utlimate Collection (1991 Rhino)
Tom Dissevelt Quiz Tune for Vara Television Popular Electronics - Early Dutch Electronic Music from Philips Research Laboratories 1956-1963 (2004 Basta)
Charlie Haden The Ballad of the Fallen Ballad of the Fallen (1982 ECM)
Union Ichupampa Band Alabado Traditional Music of Peru vol. 3(Smithsonian Folkways)
Ellen Fullman Space Between Body Music (1993 Experimental Media)
John Cage Water Walk Live on ĎIíve Got a Secretí (1960)
Sir Richard Bishop Provenance Unknown Improvika (Locust)
Bookmiller Shannon Eighth of January Southern Journey vol. 7- Ozark Frontier (1997 Rounder)
Juanita Rodgers & Lynn Hollings with Mr. Vís Five Joys Iím So Glad You Love Me Sun Ra Singles (1996 Evidence)
Albins Alpin Quintett Heitertannli Pilatus-Suite (2004 Altrisuoni)
Eddy Ray You Are Mine Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label(2007 Numero)
Baka Forest People Water Drum The Big Bang (Ellipsis ArtsÖ)
Aksak Maboul Animaux Velpeau Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine (1976/1997 Crammed Disc)
Mari Lataretu Ma Uitai Spre Rasarit Alan Lomax Collection Sampler (1997 Rounder)
Tapani Varis Metsapelto D: Polska Jews Harp (1998 Northside)
Art Tatum Begin the Beguine Solo Masterpieces vol. 3(1992 Fantasy)
M. Quayutinuag & M. Tavaluk Quanatyug Babble (2001)
Ora Dell Graham Old Uncle Rabbit Library of Congress Collection: Afro-American Blues & Game Songs (1999 Rounder Select)
unknown (recorded by Robert Millis All Night Festival Harmika Yab-Yum: Folk Sounds from Nepal (Sublime Frequencies)
Werdi Sentana Tabuh Pengawit: Gending Truntungan Jegog: The Bamboo Gamelan of Bali (1991 CMP)
L Ron Hubbard Audio Letter to the Followers of Scientology September 20, 1967
Ellen Fullman Work For 4 Body Music (1993 Experimental Media)0



This color means that it's bed music (background)