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Wednesday, August 29th 2008
fill in for the late risers club
Artist Musical Selection Album
Red Eyed Legend Monsters split 7" (Nodak)
Magic Christian Out on the Streets Evolver (2008 Wizards Den)
Mekons Dance & Drink the Mekons The Mekons Story 2008 Buried Treasure
The Strollers I Don't Care Captain of My Ship (2000 Low Impact)
Pharaoh Overlord Alcohol (Blue Flame) #1(2000 Ektro)
Bring Down the Hammer Bring Down the Hammer Bring Down the Hammer (2008 Know Records)
Drop Dead Empire of Bone 7" split with Totalitar ()
Throne of Blood New Two I Hope You all Fail Miserably and Never Accomplish Anythin Ever Again (Corleone)
Akimbo Hiding In Paper Navigating the Bronze (2007 Virus)
Unsane Stix Singles 89-92 (1992 Matador)
Acursed untitled track 4 Tunneln I Ljusets Slut (2008 Prank)
Fuck the Facts As Empires Expand and Collapse Disgorge Mexico (2008 Relapse)
Jeff Dahl (Joanie's Song of the Day) I Ain't No Rattlesnake Back to Monkey City (2008 Steel Cage)
Pharaoh Overlord Dark Temper #2(2003 No Quarter)
Boris Laser Beam Smiles (2008 Southern Lord)
Electric Vomit Boredom Abolishing (1979 T.E.V.)
Warum Joe Ukraine Hop Nouvelles du Front (bootleg)
Mankind? Not TV, It's Reality Won't You Join The Army Now So You Can Fight (Eugene Records)
The Locust Bring Your 65 Italian Carbine Flight of the Wounded Locust (2001 Gold Standard Laboratories)
Echonochrist Blind Faith It Runs Deep EP (1988 Truant)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #1(2000 Ektro)
Sleep Dopesmoker radio edit Dopesmoker (2003 Teepee)
Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L. The Apocalypse Through Sound I Am That Great and Fiery Force (K)
Moterhead When the Eagle Screams Moterizer (2008 Steamhammer)
Exodus Strike of the Beast Bonded By Blood (1985 Torrid)
Avskum Dagar Uppror Underifran (2008 Prank)
xbxrx Hope Until We Can't Sixth in Senses (2005 Polyvinyl)
Melt Banana (By request) Lost in Mirror Teeny Shiny (2000 A-Zap)
Color Segits Uz Szenek (1982 Hungaraton)
Jennie and the Tits Brain Rot Floridas Dying 7"
Niestroy What Can I do Cries of Pain (2008 Cut Out Records)
Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten Vi Ar Eliten (2008 Prank)
The Ex Stupid Americans Sinles. Period. (Touch And Go)
Pharaoh Overlord Dark Temper #2(2003 No Quarter)
Krisiun Twisting Sights Southern Storm (2008 Century Media)
The Melvins Dog Island Nude With Boots (2008 Ipecac)
Dead Moon Dead Moon Night Unknown Passage (1989 Tombstone Records)



This color means that it's bed music (background)