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Wednesday, August 29th 2008
fill in for the late risers club
Artist Musical Selection Album
Born Against Nine Years Later (demo)
Coma Assaut Nouvelles du Front v. 1
Pekinska Patka Bolje Da Nosim Kvatko Kosu (complete colletion)
Anorexia I'm a Square Messthetics #100 (hypedtodeath)
The Bugs Sing/sigh The Bugs (Hover Craft)
Pharaoh Overlord Alcohol (Blue Flame) #1(2000 Ektro)
Outsiders Fixed Up Vital Years (1993 Three Lines Records)
Jennie and the Tits Brain Rot Floridas Dying 7"
Stinky Toys Driver Blues Boozy Creed 7" (1977 Polydor)
No Hope for the Kids Gasangreb No Hope for the Kids LP (Feral Ward)
Homostupids Flies Die The Glow (My Mind's Eye)
Man is the Bastard Justice is Swift MITB (2006 Deep Six)
Hundred Years War Hand Powered Meat Grinder Lidless Eyes (Magister Ludi)
UBR Zgodovino Pise Zmagovalec Hardcore Ljubliana (Batattack)
Labor Party - Joanie's Song of the Day Ain't It Time Hellbound Down (2008 Steel Cage)
Pharaoh Overlord Dark Temper #2(2003 No Quarter)
Zana Bar Jednom Nedeljno Dodirni Me Kolena (1982 Yugoton)
The Kids This Is Rock and Roll The Kids (Havoc reissue)
Skulltime Birthquake Skulltime (2007 Latest Flame)
Möterhead Rock Out Möterizer (2008 Steamhammer)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #1(2000 Ektro)
Social Cirkle I Don't Want I've Got Afflictions (No Way)
Sos Znam Kako Je (1975 PGP-RTB)
Melvins #2 Pencil 26 Songs (Ipecac reissue)
No Comment Farmer Hitler John Common Senseless 7"
Tem Eyos Ki Stop Action demo
Shut the Fuck Up D.A.F.F. People Who's Name Is Dick (Magister Ludi)
Akimbo Spooning With Disaster Forging Steel and Laying Stone (2006 Alternative Tentacles)
Clouds Motion of the Ocean We Are Above You (Hydra Head)
Crimpshrine WNWSFK/Can You Feel That Duct Tape Soul EP (Lookout)
The Rabbits (Shoichi Miyazawa) unknown Japanese flexi 7" (1981? Ingo)
Clinic Magic Boots FUNF (2007 Domino)
DRI Capitalists Suck Dirty Rotten CD (Beer City)
Pharaoh Overlord Alcohol (Blue Flame) #1(2000 Ektro)
Pankrti Pocitnice Na Morju Dolgcajt (1980 RTV Ljubljana)
The Ranger Sound Ricordami 60's Beat Italiano (1997 Get Hip)
No Shame Take The Money and Run Full Stream Records Comp (2008 Full Stream)
Buried In Leather Gone We Are Gone (2008 Teenage Heart)
Terminalpatienten Tank Padoden Antistatskivan split 7” (1980 Ass)
Hans-a-Plast Rock & Roll Freitag Hans-a-plast (2005 No Fun)



This color means that it's bed music (background)