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Wednesday, August 8th 2007
Fill in for the Gorilla Got Me
Artist Musical Selection Album
The Strollers (Sweden) Let Me Come In Falling Right Down (Low Impact Records)
Zolar X Recitation Timeless (Alternative Tentacles)
I Chewing Gum (Italy) Senti Questa Chitarra 60's Beat Italiano (Get Hip)
Charlie Feathers Cockroach 7" (2007 Norton)
Les Thanatologues (Canada) Je Suis Faure Il Sont La
Zolar X Mirrors Timeless (Alternative Tentacles)
Sparks Moustache The Ultimate Sparks Collection (1991 Rhino)
Guy Whatelet (Belgium) Some People Said The Big Freeze (Dodecaphone)
Haunted George The Hangman Pile o' Meat (2007 Hook or Crook)
The Cynics Train Kept A Rollin Sixties Archive vol. 2 Texas Punk (1991 Eva)
Charlie Feathers Cockroach 7" (2007 Norton)
The Yardbirds (1966, both Page and Beck) Stroll On Blow Up Soundtrack (1966 Wea)
Noel Deschamps (France) I'm Your Witchdoctor Pebbles vol. 12 (1999 Archive Int'l)
Paraf (Yugoslavia) Moj Zivot Je Novi Val Novi Punk Val (1981)
Big Balls and the Great White Idiot (Germany) Ain't Impressed Foolish Guy (1978/ 2002 Vince Lombardy Highschool Records)
After Yours (France) Lover's Love Tetes Lourdes(Seidr)
Them (South Africa) One Time Too Many Savage Sounds From South Africa(Springbok)
The Subtones (Germany) Circles Battle of the Bands(Glitterhouse)
The Ejectors Communist Cell You Only Get One Shot at the Big TIme (Wizzard in Vinyl)
The Flesheaters Satan's Stomp A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die (1981 Rhino)
Messer Chups Hej Coctail Draculina (2001 Solnze)
Richard Berry Louie Louie Best of Flip Records vol. 3 (1997 Titanic)
The Swamp Rats Louie Louie Disco Still Sucks (2003 Get Hip Archive)
Nivram (Spain) Sombras Worldbeaters vol. 8 (2009 Crazy World)
The Eyes Shakin All Over Arrival of the Eyes (2006 Acme)
Jay Jays (Holland) Shake It Some More Jay Jays (1966 Philips)
Jimmy Gordon Buzzzzzzz Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz vol. 1 (Arf Arf, Cheap Cheap)
Last Heard East Side Sound Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz vol. 1 (Arf Arf, Cheap Cheap)
The Stripes (Germany) Week end Love My Girlfriend Was A Punk ()
Pekinska Patka (Yugoslavia) Ja Sam Panker U Sakou Starom Sve Od Pekinska Patka (1996)
The Decayes Iím Not A Clown Not Yet (1980 Imgrat)
The Black Lips Stranger Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo (2007 Vice)
Los Fossiles Nena! Fuzzface-Garage Nacional 1980-2003
The Thanes Now Itís Your Turn To Cry Downbeat & Folked Up (2003 Screaming Apple)
The Outsiders Fixed Up Vital Years(1993 Three Lines Records)
Mercy Fire Ball Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz vol. 2 (Arf Arf, Cheap Cheap)
Fab Our Little Rendezvous Trans-World Punk Rave-Up Volume One (2005 Transworld)
The Rollers Jack The Ripper Trans-World Punk Rave-Up Volume One (2005 Transworld)
Screaming Lord Sutch Sheís Fallen In Love With A Monster Man The Screaming Lord Sutch Story (1991 Scull níBones)
Rockset (Sweden) Pitea Kommun Swedish Punk comp. (KBD)
Batman (Canada) Un Mauvais Forceur 60ís groups Quebecois vol. 1



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