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Monday, August 6th 2007
Fill in for the Late Risers Club
Artist Musical Selection Album
Abwarts Monday on My Mind Amok Koma (1981 Zick Zack)
The Cravats Welcome In Toytown (1980 Small Wonder)
The Mad I Hate Music 7” (1979 Disgusting)
Innercity Unit Blood & Bone Punkadelic Plus (2007 Cherry Red)
Fear Now Your Dead 7”(1978 Criminal)
Pharaoh Overlord Alcohol (Blue Flame) #1(2000 Ektro)
Grave Blankets Something You Say Your Injured Ways (2007 Second Time)
The Moving Front The Equlizer The Moving Front (2007 Max)
Year Future Blunderstorm Release the Bats (2007
Muck & The Mires It’s About Now Garage Mayhem, Live at Asbury Lanes (2007 Head Shop)
Pharaoh Overlord Dark Temper #2(2003 No Quarter)
Chelsea Smiles Heart Attack Thirty-Six Hours Later(2007 Acetate)
Clorox Girls Flowers of Evil J’Aime le Filles (2007 BYO)
Turbo Fruits Murder Turbo Fruits(2007 Ecstatic Peace)
Haunted George Song For World Peace Pile’o’Meat(Hook or Crook)
The Blackjax Youg Blood You Only Get One Shot at the Big Time (Wizard in Vinyl)
No Hope for the Kids Meningslos vold No Hope for the Kids (Feral Ward)
The 012 9 to 5 Angst in My Pants (Waterden)
Bobby Beausoleil Lucifer Rising Part 1 & 2 Lucifer Rising(2004 Arcanum Ent.)
Circle Tulilntu Tulikoira (2005 Ekto)
Skulltime Black Gold Skull Time(Latest Flame)
Circle Jerks (by request) Coup d’etat Golden Shower of Hits (1983 Avenue)
Detente It’s Your Fate Détente (2007 Roadrunner)
Torche Safe Torche (2007 Robotic Empire)
Bad Brains Pure Love Build a Nation (2007 Megaforce)
Big Boys We’re Not in it to Lose The Fat Elvis(1993 Touch & Go)
Action Patrol Tube On Patrol (Whirled)
Bad Brains Build a Nation Build a Nation (2007 Megaforce)
The Locust Halfway to a Worthless Ideal Agreement The Locust 3’ cd (Gold Standard Laboratories)
COA The Scar Smell Me Smell My Grandfather (Japan Overseas)
Lock & Key 303 Pull up the Floorboards (Deep Elm)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #1(2000 Ektro)
Bad Religion Heroes & Martyrs New Maps of Hell (2007 Epitaph)
7 Seconds (by request) Still on It Take it Back, Take it On, Take it Over (Side One Dummy)
Society’s Outcasts Who’s On Your Side Society’s Outcasts (2007 Hellcat)
The Hex Dispensers Down in the Park Hex Dispensers (Alien Snatch)
The Krunchies Sobriety Anxiety In De Winkel (2004 Criminal IQ)
Haunted George Son of Satan Pile’o’Meat(Hook or Crook)



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