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Monday, June 26th 2007
The Late Risers Club fill in
Artist Musical Selection Album
Sonic Youth The Wonder Daydream Nation (reissue 2007 Geffen)
Pseudo Existors Poison East (1980 Dead Soul)
Les Olivensteins Euthanasie Fier de ne rien faire EP (1978 Mélodies massacre)
Total Muzak Nagonstans I Sta'n Recording 1 (1980 B Sound)
Gorilla Angreb Motorsavsmasahahakren Split in Half EP
Hans-a-Plast Amerikaner Hans-a-Plast (2005 No Fun)
Celebate Rifles Society Sideroxylon (1983 Hot)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #2 (2003 No Quarter)
The Atlantics (Ben's song of the day) Can't Wait Forever Live (2007 Something Hot)
Crimson Sweet Basement Star 7" (2007 Slow Gold Zebra)
Pankrti Namesto Tebe Namesto Tebe (1981 ZKP RTLJ
The Coffin Daggers But First...Tranya Something Wicked This Way Comes (2007 100% Analog)
Fehlfarben Apokalypse Monarchie & Alltag (1980/2000 EMI)
Desperate Bicycles Cars New Cross, New Cross (1978 RR)
Diagram Brothers I'm a Policeman Some Marvels of Modern Science (2007 Ltm)
Pharaoh Overlord Transatlantic #1 (2000 Ektro)
Grave Blankets Something You Say Your Injured Ways (2007 Second Time)
Clorox Girls Do You Know That J'aime les Filles (2007 BYO)
Dow Jones & The Industrials Ladies Love Appliances Red Snerts (1981 Gulcher records)
Cheetahs Minefield Kilt By Death Sound of Old Scotland (2007 Kilt by Death)
Bad Brains Sailin On Bad Brains (reissue: 1996 RIOR)
Demons Claw Satan's Little Pet Pig Satan's Little Pet Pig (2007 In the Red)
Flamin Groovies The Slide Sneakers (2007 Akarma)
Pharaoh Overlord Mangrove #1 (2000 Ektro)
The Flesh Eaters Pray till you Sweat A Minute to Pray a Second to Die (1981/1991 Rhino
The Vacancies Pride Tantrum (2007 Blackheart)
The Krunchies 3 In De Winkel (2007 Criminal IQ)
Problemi Graz Izobilja Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia
Hex Dispensers Are You An Assasin? Hex Dispensers (2007 Alien Snatch)
Pharaoh Overlord Alcohol (Blue Flame) #1 (2000 Ektro)
Lock & Key (by request) Selective Memory No Fate (Deep Elm)
Knives Out Boy Afraid The Philadelphia Sound (2002 Chunksaah Records)
Society's Parasites Preface Society's Parasites (2007 Hellcat)
High Tension Wires They Fall Apart Midnight Cashier (Dirtnap)
The Panthers The Trick The Trick (2007 Vice)
Grave Blankets You'll Know Everything Your Injured Ways (2007 Second Time)
Problemes Passe Ton Chemin World Beaters vol. 1 (Krazy World)



This color means that it's bed music (background)