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Wednesday, June 11th 2008
part 2 of the Mediterranean Madness. Part 1 was on this Gorilla Got Me, part 3 will be on Late Risers Club
Artist Musical Selection Album
Opening remarks from George S. Irving-Brand
Theme: Messer Chups The World We Never Knew Bride of the Atom (Solzne)
Los Brincos (Spain) Flamenco World Beaters vol. 1 (Krazy World)
Niño De Priego (Spain) Envida Yo No Tengo A Nadia Black Mirror: Reflections in Global Sound (Dust to Digital)
Nivram (Spain) Sombras World Beaters vol. 8 (Krazy World)
Los Salvages (Spain) Las Ovejias Pebbles vol. 12 - World (999 Archive Int'l)
Kepa Junkera (Basque/Spain) Arrapaladan Trikitixa Zoom (1999 Alula)
Los Brincos (Spain) Nadia Te Quera Ya Psychodelicias vol. 1 (What's That Sound)
Motion Trio (Poland) Cafe Paris Pictures from the Streets (2005 Asphalt Tango)
Michel Polnareff (France) Time Will Tell French Rock-Blues (Four Corners)
X Ray Pop (France) A L'Idee Psychedelik Dolls (1987 RRRecords)
Stinky Toys (France) Driver Blues 7" (1977 Polydor)
Medard Ferrero and Gus Viseur (France) Dalinette Bal Musette (1996 Musique du France)
Rotomagus (France) Eros Tetes Lourdes (Seidr)
Nino Ferrer (France) Si Tu M'Aimes Encore Je Veux Etre Noir (1966, reissue: 1999 Universal)
Derrick Morgan (Jamaica) Moon Hop 7" (1969 Crab)
Mustafa Ozkent (Turkey) Burcak Tarlalari Genclik Ile Elele (2006 Finders Keepers)
Derrick Morgan (Jamaica) Blazing Fire 7" (Beverly's)
I Ragazzi Dal Capelli Verdi (Italy) Un Tipo Per Te 60's Beat Italiano (Get Hip reissue)
Cancer (Italy) Naonian Style IV3SCR (1983 The Great Completto)
Elektriktus (Italy) Second Wave Electric Mind Waves (1976 PDU)
Tenores De Bitti (Sardinia) Misteriu Ammentos (1996 Agogo)
Marika Papagika (Greece) Zmirneikos Balos I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore - 1927-48 (2008 Mississippi)
Tacit Blessing (China) indecipherable Teen Dance Music From China and Malaysia (2002 Thrift Store)
Lena Platonos (Greece) Magisses Galop (1985 Lyra)
The Four Levels of Existence (Greece) Metamorphi The Four Levels of Existence (1976 Venus) (2006 Lion)
Gokçen Kaynatan (Turkey) Pencerenin Perdesini Hava Narghile (2001 Dionysus)
Erkin Koray (Turkey) Çiçek Dagi Erkin Koray (1973 Istanbul) (2006 World Psychedelia)
Osman Pehlivan (Turkey) Anaddu Kasik Havasi excavated Shellac (78 Gramaphone)
Baris Manco (Turkey) Lambaya Puf De Prog is Not A Four Letter Word (Finder Keepers)
Los Mirlos (Peru) Sonida Amazonica The Roots of Chicha (2007 Barbes)
Jermain Tamraz (Syria) unknown I Remember Syria (Sublime Frequencies)
Omar Khorshid and his Guitar (Lebanon) Guitar El Chark Rhythms from the Orient (1971 Voice of Lebanon)
Sea-Ders (Lebanon) Thanks a Lot Waking Up Scheherazade - Arabian Psych Nuggets (2007 Grey Past)
Derrick Harriott (Jamaica) Dubbing The Chariot Scrub a Dub (1974 Crystal)
The Soul Messengers (Israel) Go To Proclaim Soul Message from Dimona (2008 Numero Group)



This color means that it's bed music (background)