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Wednesday, March 9th 2007
Greek songs about drugs, return of the Neue Deutsche Welle song of the week and a Japanese freakout
Artist Musical Selection Album
Theme: Messer Chups  The World we Never Knew Bride of the Atom (Solzne)
Tetos Dimitriadis (Greece) In Marigo's Hashish Den The Greek Archives- About Indian Cannabis (1998 FM)
Anestis Delias (Greece) Drunk & Stoned (1936) The Greek Archives- About Indian Cannabis (1998 FM)
Etran feat. Japonais (Mali) untitled track 7 mad nomad
unknown (Kyrgyzstan) Montagne Bigaree Music of Kyrgyzstan (1995 Universal/Demon)
Temir people (Malaysia) metal mouth harp Dream Songs and Healing Songs in the Rainforest (1995 Smithsonian Folkways)
Tapani Varis (Finland) Gammal Brollopspolska (The Old Wedding) Jews Harp (1998 Northside)
Lechi Musaev (Chechnya) Izvozchik Gitara Grozniy Chcchnya
Motion Trio (Poland) Cafe Paris Pictures from the Streets (2005 Asphalt Tango)
Ivo Papasov (Bulgaria) Kurdzhaliiska Ruchenica Together Again (2005 Traditional Crossroads)
Kef Time (U.S./Armenian) Sheg Mazerov Kef Time Detroit (2005 Traditional Crossroads)
Arbete Och Fritid (Sweden) Finsk Sengmarsch Arbete Och Fritid Andra LP: Sonet (1971)
Omar Khorshid and his Guitar (Lebanon) Guitar El Chark Rhythms of the Orient (1971 Voice of Lebanon)
Benko (Hungary) Atlantisz Lexikon (1982 Hungaraton)
Mustafa Ozkent (Turkey) Burcak Genclik Ile Elele (2006 Finders Keepers)
Kraftwerk (Germany) Ruck Zuck Kraftwerk 1 (1970 Philips)
Belfegore (Germany) Herz Atmet Echoes A Dog Is Born (1983 Pure Freude)
Malaria (Germany) How Do You Like My New Dog Compiled 81-84 (1991 Moabit)
Der Plan (Germany) Adrenalin Lasst das Blut Kochen Geri Reig (1980 Ata Tak)
Brigitte Fontaine feat. The Art Ensemble of Chicago (France) J'ai 26 Ans Comme La Radio (1971 Saravah)
Nini Raviolette (France) Suis-Je Normale So Young But So Cold (2004 Tiger Sushi)
Sohail Rana (Pakistan) Saat Matray Khyber Mail (1970 EMI)
Karuna Khyal (Japan) side B Alomoni 1985 (1976 Voice, reissue: 1999 Paradigm)
Wiley (England) Intro Tunnel Vision vol. 2 (2006 Boy Better Know)



This color means that it's bed music (background)