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Monday, May 1st 2006
Fill in for In the Margin of the Other
Artist Musical Selection Album
Charlambides There is No End (Kranky)
Henry Flynt Violin Strobe Hillbilly Tape Music (Recorded)
Henry Flynt Guitar Rebop Hillbilly Tape Music (Recorded)
Mats Gustaffson Retreat Windows, the Music of Steve Lacy (Blue Chopstick)
Jimmy Guiffre So Low The Jimmy Giuffre Clarinet (1956Atlantic)
Jimmy Guiffre Deep Purple The Jimmy Giuffre Clarinet (1956 Atlantic)
Marta Sebestyan Szerelem, Szerelem Apocrypha (1992 Rykodisc, Hannibal)
Rikje Van Thiel Niet Voormij Eurovision Song Contest, 1955
Artie Barsamian Miserlou Shadows in the Casbah (1959 Kapp Records)
Raymond Scott Lightworks Slow Manhattan Research Inc. (2000 Basta)
The Space Lady Major Tom The Space Lady (1990 Amazing Thingz)
Stars of the Lid untitled Ad Aspera Per Aspera (1998 Kranky)
Lennie Tristiano Dream, Paris 1965 Descent Into the Maelstrom (1965 Inner City)
Taj Mahal Travellers Side A August 1974 (1975 CBS Japan)
Charlie Haden The People United Will Never Be Defeated Ballad of the Fallen (1983 ECM)
Fredrick Rzewski/ Marc-Andre Hamelin The People United Will Never Be Defeated The People United Will Never Be Defeated (1999 Hyperion)



This color means that it's bed music (background)