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Monday, February 19th 2007
The Late Risers Club fill in
Artist Musical Selection Album
Abwarts Monday on My Mind Amok Koma (1981 Zick Zack)
The Saints Wild About You Inner City Sound (2005 Laughing Outlaw)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #2 (2003 No Quarter)
Midnight Bombers Symptoms Evil Streets (2006 Wondertaker)
The Pink Fits Angel Eyes Fuzzyard Gravebox (Off The Hip)
The Black Lips Workin Let It Bloom (2005 In The Red)
The Swamp Rats Louie Louie Disco Still Sucks (2003 Get Hip)
Les Thugs Never Work Anymore Nineteen Something (1997 Sub Pop)
The Ramones Palisades Park Brain Drain (1989) (2005 Captain Oi)
Richard Hell Liars Beware The Richard Hell Story (2005 Rhino)
xbxrx Deaf Ears, Silent Voices Sixth In Sixes (2005 Polyvinyl)
Leaving Trains She's Looking At You Favorite Mood Swings (1997 Sst)
Dead Kennedys Back In Rhodesia Live at Deaf Club (2004 Decay)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #2 (2003 No Quarter)
Les Breastfeeders (Tim Kelley's Song of the Week) Tout va Pour le Mieux Dans le Pire des Monde Les Matins de Grand Soirs (2006 Blow the Fuse)
Cocacoma 61/4-125 Goner Records 7"
Prime Movers (by request) When He's Down Back In Line (2006 Ugly Talents)
The Charms So Romantic Strange Magic (2006 Wicked Cell)
Raw Power Burning The Factory 80-86 (1997 Alternative Tentacles)
La Zone Muerta Feliz Compleanos Wimp 7" (1979 Bomp)
Ovo FOB's Unite Miastenia (2007 Load)
Pharaoh Overlord Transatlantic #1 (2000 Ektro)
Ovo Mammut Miastenia (2007 Load)
Hero Dishonest Paskahalraus Liukuhihnalla When the Shit Hits The Man (2007 Acme)
COA My Right (Unsane cover) Smell Me, Smell My Grandfather (2004 Basta)
Unsane Vandal-X Singles 1982-92 (1992 Matador)
Akimbo Lick The Knife Harshing Your Mellow (2007 Alternative Tentacle)
Cpg UMCA 1980-1984
Pharaoh Overlord Mangrove #1 (2000 Ektro)
The Dropdead At The Cost of An Animal Bitter Pill to Swallow ((2005 Over the Counter)
Eight Men Jameson Japanese Psychobilly Now (2003 Vinyl Japan)
The Outcast Long Tall Sally GS Cult Box disc 1 (1999 CDSol)
Vacum Ar Ungdomar Manniskor PLANET PUNK no. 4 (2000 Hyped To Death)
Tejp Sanningen
The Stranglers Summat Outanowt Suite XVI (2006 Capitol)
The Ex Constitutional State The Vinyl Years 1980-1990 (2005 The Ex)
Carnage Malignant Epitaph Grind Crusher (1993 Toysf)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #2 (2003 No Quarter)
Chelsea Sod The War Faster, Cheaper, and Better Looking (2007 TKO)
Sleep Cragonaut Sleep's Holy Mountain (1993 Earache Records)
Fantomas Cape Fear Directors Cut (2001 Ipecac)
Bad Brains Pay To Cum American Hardcore: the History of American Punk Rock 1980-86 (2006 Rhino)
The Monks Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice Black Monk Time (1966 Poydor) (1994 repertoire)



This color means that it's bed music (background)