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Monday, February 5th 2007
The Late Risers Club fill in
Artist Musical Selection Album
Abwarts Monday on My Mind Amok Koma (1981 Zick Zack)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #2 (2003 No Quarter)
Sonic Youth Touch Me I'm Sick Touch Me I'm Sick split ep with Mud Honey (1989 Sub Pop)
Star Club Hello New Punks Bloodstains across the World
Melt Banana Lost in Mirror Teeny Shiny (2000 A-Zap)
Maniac Miracles (Finland) Your Rights The Girls Can Dish It Out Too (Emarcy Punx Records)
Crimpshrine Pick Up the Pieces Duct Tape Soup LP (Look Out)
Youth Brigade The Circle Out Of Print (1998 BYO)
Cococoma 6 1/4 125 7" (2006 Goner)
Action Patrol Clock 1993-1996 On Patrol (Whirled Records)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #2 (2003 No Quarter)
The Bags Thank You Sharpen Your Sticks (2005 Heartworm)
Deerhunter Lake Somerset Cryptograms (2007 Deerhunter/Kranky)
Your Enemies Friends Repose The Wire Tap E. P. (2001 Buddyhead)
The Melvins Influence of Atmosphere Gluey Porch Treatments (1989 Boner Records)
No Means No The Night Everything Became Nothing 0 + 2 = 1 (1991 Alternative Tentacles)
The Heartaches TCFS Too Cool For School (2006 Swami)
Wunderbach Raya Wunderbach 82/84 (Dirty punk records)
Pharaoh Overlord Transatlantic #1 (2000 Ektro)
The Dicks No Nazi's Friend 80-86 (1997 Alternative Tentacles)
The Zeros Wimp Wimp 7" (1979 Bomp)
X Nausea X Beyond and Back Collection (1997 Elektra)
The Germs Lexicon Devil MIA Complete Anthology (1993 Slash)
Zolar X Timeless Timeless (Alternative Tentacles)
The Love Me Nots Voice in My Head In Black and White (2006 Atomic)
Man is The Bastard Secret Surgery DIY CD (2006 Deep Six)
Fantomas Der Golem Directors Cut (2001 Ipecac)
Caspar Brotzmann Cheyenne Mute Massaker (2000 Thirsty Ear)
Pharaoh Overlord Mangrove #1 (2000 Ektro)
The Locust Ass Gravity Split 7" with Man Is the Bastard
Man Is the Bastard Snake Apartment Split 7" with Crossed out
Crossed Out Pure Delusion Split 7" with Man is the Bastard
DRI Money Stinks 7 songs clear cd ep (2001 tapes)
Man Is The Bastard Justice Is Swift DIY CD (2006 Deep Six)
The Melvins Ligature Bullhead (1991 Boner Records)
Carcass (by request) Regurgitation of Giblets Symphonies of Sickness (1989 Earache Records)
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline #2 (2003 No Quarter)
Les Deux Larmes One Black Glove 7" (2004 Prophet)
Lightning Bolt Forcefield Ride the Skies (2001 Load)
The Body Culture Destroyer
The Nervous Eaters (by request) Scream (When I Dream) Eat This (2002 Hell On Earth)
Dezerter Szara Milicjanta 22 Polish Punk Classics (1992 Sonic)
Electric Deads 30 Years My Girlfriend Was Punk



This color means that it's bed music (background)